LEGO® Fire Departments:

LEGO® related links: 
De Bouwsteen – Official Dutch LEGO® builder and collectorgroup
The brick Testament - The world's largest, most comprehensive illustrated Bible 
Bricklink - LEGO® Marketplace for sets and parts 
Brickshelf - Free picture-server for your LEGO® related pictures 
Brickshelf - Brandweer / Fire LEGO® related pictures
LEGO®.com - Official LEGO® Company website 
Lowlug - LEGO® user group of the Netherlands 
Lugnet - LEGO® International user group 
Peeron - Non-official website with inventories of LEGO®-sets The Brickfactory - Non-official website with LEGO® building-instructions – most beautiful Dutch trains and other train parts - LEGO® user group of Belgium - LEGO® user group of France - LEGO® user group of Germany - LDraw™ is an open standard for LEGO CAD programs that allow the user to create virtual LEGO models and scenes. - great Dutch LEGO® Technick fan and creator


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